homeforge0942Gas stoves are preferred over electric models by many serious — and even casual — home cooks. Their reasons vary:

  • Gas stoves heat more quickly.
  • They allow for better temperature control.
  • They cool down quickly.

Unfortunately, the house you’re thinking of purchasing comes with an electric range. The good news: It’s often not all that difficult to convert from electric to gas cooking.

Existing hookup

First of all, you’ll want to pull the old range away from the wall and have a look. If the home has both electric and gas hookups, all you need to do is measure the spot where the current stove sits and buy one that will fit there. We can help you find a cooktop that will fit, or you can browse manufacturer websites on your own. It’s usually fairly easy to enlarge an opening; filling gaps is more difficult.

Running a line

If there’s no gas running to the stove, but the home has natural gas in it — perhaps for the water heater — a gas range is still a possibility.