The 3 ½ Week Kitchen from Home Forge Remodeling

These pictures show an actual 3 ½ week kitchen—18 business days start to finish! We photographed the project at the end of each work day from the same angle to allow you to view the changes during the process. Each photo has a description of what was going on behind the scenes (things like wiring and plumbing that are inside the walls and floor). This beautiful kitchen features granite countertops, undermount sinks, a custom-tiled backsplash and a separate cabinet to store recyclables.

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Day 1: Demolition

Day 2: Demolition

Day 3: Rough plumbing / rough wiring

Day 4: Move gas line / New vent hood

Day 5: Passed electrical and plumbing inspections

Day 6: Level floor

Day 7: Lay tile sub floor

Day 8: Lay tile floor

Day 9: Grout floor tile / Install base cabinets

Day 10: Install wall cabinets / Template granite counter tops

Day 11: Prepare remaining floor for tile

Day 12: Tile remainder of floor

Day 13: Grout remainder of floor

Day 14: Prepare finished plumbing / Paint

Day 15: Paint / Install granite counter tops

Day 16: Install faucets / Install tile backsplash / Pass final plumbing inspection

Day 17: Install appliances / pass final electrical inspection

Day 18: Pass final inspection / touch-up details

After: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!